About Me

My name is Danielle and I am a young adult at the age of 21. I am in my second year at the University of Greenwich studying Media and Communications and after already studying Media for 3 years prior, I can honestly say I love every bit of it. I moved to London for University from a small town in the midlands hoping I would have a chance to meet new people and try new things. Meeting new people and trying new things is exactly what I have done, not only have I met some of my best friends but I have also experienced things I could have only imagined before coming to London.

Most of my family live in America so my dream is to get my degree and possibly complete a Masters in Communications and then move out there as well. I am intrigued with the thought of meeting new people who live a completely different live than me, not to mention the taste of new food and the feel of new clothes! I believe life is what you make it and despite the clouds that may overshadow you times in your life, there is always a brighter sun behind it waiting for you to find it.

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